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Abara Banaba - our homeland Banaba

The Banabans are the 'Forgotten People of the Pacific' who have suffered from one of the greatest ecological and environmental disasters over the past century, and we hope through learning more about us and our endeavours to save our identity and our homeland we can move towards a brighter future. 

To the Land that we Love,

and All we have Lost,

Will remain in our Hearts Forever. R.K.S

The Banaba Website is constantly being updated to bring you more information on the History and plight of the Banaban people and the Banaban Lobby Group.  ABARA BANABA is a lobby group acting as a voice for the Banabans—a minority people living within Third World Nations.  ABARA BANABA is made up of Banabans, led by the Rabi Council of Leaders and appointed spokespersons. We encourage and welcome public participation in the quest to:

Seek justice and build a better future for the Banaban people

Environmental rehabilitation of Banaba and sustainable development of Rabi island

Uphold equality and unity for all Banabans

To uphold Banaban cultural  heritage and preserve ethnic identity 

To provide a global voice for Banabans and encourage participation

ABARA BANABA aims in assisting  the Banabans in their endeavours.  It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to see that the basic human rights we all hold so dear, are not denied the Banabans. This is their story which needs to be told. Please assist them by ensuring that they no longer remain Forgotten People of the Pacific


Become involved and join BANABAN VOICE

 Have your say, share photos, video, information, and let the Banaban Voice be heard





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Updated Jan 2016

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- The purpose of this website -



To provide a global voice for our Banaban community and encourage participation.


To welcome and embrace worldwide communication with everyone regardless of race, colour or creed.


To uphold our Banaban heritage and through education help prevent events from the past ever happening again.


To build links to the outside world for our very isolated community.